Download Excel 2016 VBA Code: Just Copy – Paste – Run (For Accountant) Part -2

Excel having large collection of functions in-built . Mostly those functions are sufficient to complete the work. Sometimes, Excel doesn’t have a pre-built function that suits a specific need, Well not to worry about it , you can create your own function called User Defined Function or custom Excel function with help of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). You can access a User Defined Function any time just like any other Excel function.
But the main problem is you should have good knowledge of Excel VBA Programming and need so much time to writing code as desire.
This book helps you to use ready code by just copy paste and enjoy the work.
Benefits of this books :
•Available readymade function which is very unique and rare.
•Create new formula in easy way instead of using long formula
•Without any technical knowledge use the new function
•Impress your boss with fast working
•Earn 10000$ per month by making new project with help of my other book “Ready to Use 101 Powerful Excel VBA Code”

Count of Words in a Cell by UDF

Function for counting words in a cell excluding space (ready vba code just copy , paste and run)

Function COUNTWORDS(Text_String As String) As Integer
'User define function counts the number of words in a cell exclude space
String_Length = Len(Text_String)
For Current_Character = 1 To String_Length
Dim String_Length As Integer
Dim Current_Character As Integer
If (Mid(Text_String, Current_Character, 1)) = " " Then
End If
Next Current_Character
End Function

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Importance of Excel

EXCEL IMPORTANCE in chartered accountacy career told by CA PARVEEN SHARMA

So a place where CA Student as a professional lacking behind is MS Office or particularly Excel, Many of the CA Student that are under going article-ship, don’t even know how to use some of the basic functions in excel.

So we tried to help you out with article on some of the basic excel function that you must know with our blog tutorials.